New Moon
New Moon
New Moon
New Moon
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  • Carbon neutral

Sweet.  Woody.  Fresh.

The new moon is a time new beginnings and planting the seeds of change.  The new moon removes blockages and brings a sense of regeneration.

Use this incense for: full new rituals for starting new ventures + new beginnings.

Pairs with: Smokey quarts, black tourmaline or labradorite.  Set intensions with this incense during the new moon to remove blockages that prevent manifesting. 

Affirmation: "I release what no longer serves me and plant the seeds of abundance and opportunity."

Each packcontains: 12 incense sticks that burn for 45-60 min.  Incense is wrapped in recyclable plastic to preserve the scent and prevent oil leakage on packaging.  Packaging is made from recycled kraft paper and hand sewn. 

FREE incense sample with every purchase of a pack of incense. 

Orders are shipped within 2 days.

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