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  • Carbon neutral

Woodsy.  Spicy.  Earthy. 

Attract abundance, wealth and prosperity using the magickal properties of cinnamon, which has long been know for its magnetism to money, luck and good fortune.  Blended with Patchouli this powerful combo not only smells amazing but attracts money, love and passion.

Use this incense for: increasing financial abundance, wealth and prosperity.  

Use Affirmation: "I am open to unlimited possibilities and I am grateful for the abundant life I have, and the abundance that is on its way."

Pairs with: moss agate, citrine, jade, and pyrite.  Set intentions with this incense on the new moon or during the waxing moon to enhance its power. 

Each box contains: 21 incense sticks that burn for 45-60 min.  Incense is wrapped in recyclable plastic to preserve the scent and prevent oil leakage on packaging.  Packaging is made from recycled kraft paper and hand sewn. 

Why 21 sticks?  It takes 21 days to form a new habit. 

FREE incense sample with every purchase of a pack of incense. 

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