Anti-Discrimination Policy

We want you to feel safe.

At SoulMart, our objective is to link consumers all over the world with trusted and credible

entrepreneurs. We operate a system where people of all backgrounds coexist and relate with each other by producing, buying and selling different types of products. To achieve our objectives, our input alone is not enough as we also need your cooperation.

This is why we have put together this policy (and our Terms of Use and other policies) to help you know what kind of behaviour we prohibit when you visit or make use of our Platform. This document also informs you of the measures we have put into place to protect you from any form of hate, discrimination or abuse.

Please take note that this policy forms a part of our Terms of Use. Therefore, you agree that when you visit our website or make use of our Platform, (, you’re bound by this policy and our Terms of Use.

We always look out for you

At SoulMart, we believe in equality and non-discrimination irrespective of one’s race, ethnicity or colour. Due to these reasons, we strongly prohibit any form of discrimination or abuse based on colour, ethnicity, race, nationality, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation and any form of discrimination prohibited by law. Please note that it is your responsibility to know the Anti-Discrimination laws and regulations applicable to you.

No Hate Speech

At SoulMart, we encourage and promote harmonious relationships between sellers and buyers. Therefore, we seriously prohibit hate speech and any form of verbal abuse. What do we mean by hate speech? Simply put, it is when offensive, demeaning, derogatory or violent language is used towards someone or a group of persons due to their colour, race, sexual orientation or any other protected person.

No form of hate speech is permitted on SoulMart; whether you’re engaging with other members of SoulMart or you’re leaving reviews, interacting with listings or using community spaces, you are not allowed to take part in any form of hate speech.

As a seller on SoulMart, your policies and other content must not demonstrate any form of

discriminatory behaviour. Just so you know, below are examples of prohibited behaviour:

  • Refusing service or excluding sales to anyone based on their colour, ethnicity or personal attributes.
  • Showing a lack of tolerance or respect for other members/users of SoulMart based on their colour ethnicity or other personal attributes.
  • Making express or implied derogatory or demeaning comments or statements against anyone based on their race, colour, religion or other personal attributes.
  • Using racial comments, words or slurs.
  • Making posts that promote hate groups.

You can always talk to us

If you find any listing on our platform/website which violates any of our policies, we urge you to kindly flag such a listing.

Also, if you have concrete evidence or suspicion of the use or promotion of hate speech or any form of discrimination on our website/platform, do not hesitate to let us know. Send a complaint to, and we shall promptly take steps to investigate.