Shipping Policy

At SoulMart, customer satisfaction is very important to us. From the point of purchase to the delivery of items, we always want our customers to remain happy with what they are buying.

Therefore, we have made this Shipping Policy available to inform everyone using SoulMart about the duties and responsibilities of SoulMart sellers to buyers. SoulMart is a platform consisting of independent sellers who operate their individual shops. The implication is that as a Seller, you are responsible for your own shop policies regarding the shipping and delivery of products that you sell. Please take note that these seller policies may vary from one shop to the other.

You agree that by opening your shop on our website/platform, you're bound by this policy and SoulMart's Terms of Use. As a seller, you are responsible for delivering products that you have sold to the buyer. In other words, it is your duty to make sure that your buyers receive their purchased orders - even if you are using a delivery service.

You agree and warrant that by selling your items on SoulMart, you will:

  • Make available, a detailed "dispatches from" address.
  • Clearly state the costs of postage and the processing times in your Shop Policy.
  • Respect and abide by your shipping and processing times. We require Sellers to ship their purchased products or otherwise complete a transaction with a buyer promptly (unless there is an exceptional circumstance). Note that various countries have different legal requirements for shipping times.
  • Obey and comply with all local and international delivery and customs rules and regulations.
  • Send the delivery to the address provided by the buyer on the SoulMart fulfilment details form.
  • Ensure that you mark the order as fulfilled when you dispatch it. Please be aware that you may only mark an order as fulfilled after you have had it dispatched. The buyer receives a notification by email after you have marked an order as fulfilled.
  • When you enter tracking information or delivery confirmation on SoulMart, you're permitting us to collect and share this data received from your chosen delivery carrier with the buyer.
  • Respect and follow the commitments you make available on your shop policies.

Just in case the dispatched order does not arrive (which is unlikely), you will have to provide valid proof of fulfilment showing that the dispatched product was indeed fulfilled and was sent to the address the buyer provided on SoulMart.

Valid Proof of Shipping

Ensure to always utilize a safe and secure shipping method, with tracking and/or delivery confirmation.

In the event that you have attached tracking to the order and it shows on the receipt that delivery has been attempted, we may not contact you at all. Also, we may not respond to the dispute with the tracking information on your behalf.

Should we need more information, we shall contact you and you will have five (5) days to respond.

Examples of Valid proof of shipping

  •  A scanned copy of delivery forms or departure information
  • A shipping service receipt or customs form which includes the following: the date of shipment, the name, full address, or zip code of the recipient
  • A valid tracking number which shows movement to the listed address at the time of the transaction or agreed upon in SoulMart Fulfillment Details in your Sellers Account.

We always have your back when you sell on SoulMart. Our policies are available to protect you and to make our platform safe for everyone. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide the best seller experience to you on SoulMart. Should a buyer report the Non-Delivery of an item, we will try to resolve the dispute - as long as you have complied with our Terms of Use and Shipping Policy.