Chrysanthemum Stone Turtle

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Chrysanthemum Stone Turtle

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  • Carbon neutral


Physical Properties:

Chrysanthemum stone is a rare stone consisting of a black or brown colored matrix that usually is made up of limestone, dolomite, clay, porphry, and gypsum. The white part of the stone that resembles a Chrysanthemum flower consists of calcite, feldspar, celestite, and andalusite. This stone is believed to have formed over 260 million years ago. 

Chemical Classification/Formula: n[SiO2] p[CaCO3] q[CaMg(CO3)2]

Colour: Black & White

Mohs Hardness: 5-6

Crystal System: Rhombohedral 

Location: China & Japan 


Metaphysical Properties:


Chrysanthemum Stone assists with understanding your inner self, grounding, chakra alignment, awareness, empathy, courage, strength, growth, inner peace, new beginnings and prosperity.


Chakra: All

Zodiac: Aquarius & Taurus

Element: Earth 

Weight & Measurements: 


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