Palo Santo & Sodalite bundle- Intuition Vibes

Palo Santo Sodalite Bundle

Palo Santo & Sodalite bundle- Intuition Vibes

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Palo Santo and Sodalite- Intuition Vibes

Palo Santo and Crystals work together to raise the vibration and good energy in your space.
Palo Santo is a naturally fallen tree from South America used for centuries for energy clearing.
We use only ethically sourced Palo Santo from Peru and are supporters of 
'The Ecuadorian Hands Reforestation Program'
Sodalite will aid you with developing intuition and can stimulate clairavoyant abilities.
Known for:
*stimulating the Pineal Gland
*mental enhancement 
*bringing order and calmness to the mind
*creative expression
*helping speak your truth

For use:
Take on stick of Palo Santo and hold in a flame for about 20 seconds, then blow it out. Waft the smoke around your space or place the stick on heat proof dish to smoulder.

Re-light as needed. (Tip- Keep a lit candle nearby for easy re-lighting)

*Caution- Do not leave lit product unattended*
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