Palo Santo*individual sticks

Palo Santo*individual sticks
Palo Santo*individual sticks

Palo Santo*individual sticks

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  • Carbon neutral
Palo Santo- "Holy Wood" 
Certified ethical origin.
Sustainably harvested.

A naturally fallen tree from South America, used for centuries for energy clearing. 
After falling it's left for 3-5 years before processing into a useable product like essential oil, or cut into sticks for burning purposes.

Benefits include: easily clearing negative or stagnant energy, inspiring creativity, welcoming positivity, peace and grounding.

Can be used as often as needed-
*after a bad day
*during meditation/journaling/intention setting
*moving into a new home to clear old energy
*as part of a self-care ritual
*during big life changes
*to add to your relaxation at the end of the day
*while you work to get the creative vibes flowing
*On sunday to welcome a positive new week

For use:
Light one stick and let it burn for about 20 seconds.
Blow out and waft the smoke around your space as, re-lighting as need
or place on a heat proof dish to smoulder.
It will extinguish on its own shortly.
Re-light as need.
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